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It’s natural that while raising children, parents may have many concerns about how their child is developing.

Are they learning and grasping the appropriate educational concepts for their age?
Are they able to do all the physical tasks for their age?

- Such as standing on their own or gripping their toys properly

Are they developing typically faster or slower in comparison to the average child?

Not only are these questions natural, but they are also extremely important. Not all children develop at the same rate so it can be hard to judge whether a child is developing “properly” or not. To assist in this journey and answer all these questions and more, Jiguar has developed an app that can help track your child’s process, particularly when certain developmental milestones have not been reached.

Easy and automated Screening Tools

Jiguar is designed to address a problem or delay in the development of the child from newborn to 18 years of age, identifying the need for early intervention and connecting the parents, providers, specialists, therapists and educators in order to team up and fight the debilitating effects that occur with children who have learning differences

In order to effectively reach our goal, Jiguar would incorporate designated standard screening/evaluation tools and clinical opinions in all the following areas of development; Physical (gross motor, fine motor, vision and hearing), cognition, communication, social, emotional and adaptive

Jiguar is designed to identify/demonstrate measured delays in development of at least 2.0 standard deviations below the mean in one developmental area or 1.5 standard deviation below the mean in 2 or more of developmental areas.

Jiguar also identifies conditions with high probability of developmental delays (dd) or children who have identified conditions but may not yet have exhibited dds for the diagnosed physical/mental/genetic conditions.

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