Monitor developmental milestones of child

It is very common for infants and children to exhibit symptoms of learning differences from a young age.

By tracking your child’s developmental milestones, you can ensure that any symptoms of developmental delays are diagnosed as quickly as possible so you can coach your child back onto a healthy track of a successful future.

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Developmental milestones

Outcomes Of Child Monitoring App

Besides connecting all specialists caring for the child, our child monitoring app gives a comprehensive and individualized care plan to understand the symptoms of developmental delays of the child. Apart from the above our child growth monitoring app has multiple positive outcomes for the parents and the growing child.

developmental milestones

Monitoring progress, toward meeting developmental milestones and symptoms of developmental delays.

helping service providers

Helping providers to coordinate the treatments with families

Identifying activities and daily routines which can be utilized as learning

daily routines of child

Educating the families in regards symptoms of developmental delays and growth in developmental milestones

symptoms of Developmental delays

Easy Registration

It’s not easy for the parents to fill out the child’s developmental history in a short period of time at the doctor’s office. Jiguar's app makes it easy for the parents to fill out the milestone questionnaire which is available to them On The Go, yielding accurate results.

AI Based Monitoring

The data you feed about your child’s activity will be stored in the central database. The monitoring data is compared with the standard data available on the server. The monitoring is highly automated.

We have developed a child Monitoring app - Jiguar, with the help of Artificial intelligence. Jiguar will monitor all the activities of your child as per the data provided by the parents. No human interface is allowed for better privacy of the data.

AI based monitoring

Access to Medicos (service providers)

The app is linked with several medicos who are registered with us as service providers. These subject experts can provide you with guidance and suggest multiple activities based on the data provided from JIGUAR app. You can search the available service providers in your nearby areas.

Child Developmental milestone checklist

The child activity is fed into the app as a questionnaire. This activity can be retrieved in the future in form of its' developmental milestone checklist. The history of child activity is there in the app and can be accessed by the parents as well as the medicos, whenever required in the future.

child Development milestones

Earlier Detection
& Earlier Intervention
is our goal!

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HIPAA Compliance

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