Jiguar Reviews

Dr.Dhara soni

Occupational therapist (India)

CIDA Center, Vadodara

I am Dr.Dhara soni, occupational Therapist (Aiota) at cida center. I have been associated with jiguar platform since past 1 year 9 month. I find it to be very useful for professionals and parents. I personally have been using this app to take assessment and therapy sessions for my clients. Being a Doctor I am glad that this platform has given me the opportunity to help even those clients who live far away from my clinic and who can not personally come and visit the center. It gives me great pleasure to see my clients improving at overall development areas and sensory processing skills. If I try to compare to see no difference in the quality of therapy given on a one to one basis or on this online platform, I see improvement equally.

Jiguar platform helps parents to assist their child at an early age, parents have a very clear understanding of what their child needs according to their functioning level. Parents can use this app for knowing their child's development through questionnaires we provide. Parents can also used LOS (library of skills) to search for age appropriate activities for their child to work on their gross motor, fine motor, table top activities, floor time activities and sensory processing skills

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