Jiguar Reviews

Dr.Azhar Nayak

Pediatrician (India)

Shankus Medicity, Mehsana

I would like to thank and congratulate the entire team of Jiguar for making a wonderful tool for the kids of north Gujarat. It was really very difficult for the parents of entire north gujarat to avail such facility as before Jiguar app no one was able to provide the protocol based therapy and treatment for the special kids.

We Shankus hospitals are the tertiary care unit of north gujarat are working in pediatric department since long, We have full fledged NICU with pediatric surgery unit. All our kids benefitted from Jiguar and the peds neuro department. We are frequently doing health check up camps for our hospital,we are also using Jiguar app for the mass level screening of kids.

Once again thank you for the collaboration with Shankus Hospitals.

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